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iPhone 13 Pro Hacked: Chinese Hackers Seamlessly Broke through iOS 15.0.2 Security

By Harsh Oct 25, 2021

Chinese Hackers Breached through the iOS 15.0.2 Security of iPhone 13 Pro in Just a Few Seconds

iPhone devices are most popular for their high security and privacy. The Apple devices are developed on the Apple hardware’s unique potentials. Apple’s system security maximizes the OS (Operating System) on every Apple device and does not compromise usability. The users’ data are encrypted and are safeguarded.

Apple has launched the iPhone 13 pro recently, but something unexpected happened. Yes, despite having top-notch security, it was hacked within a moment. Let us dive into the detail in this article.

The regulations of China:

A set of regulations were invoked by the government of China, which prevented the Country’s security scientists and researchers from participating in the hacking competitions that take place internationally, like Pwn20wn, And the annual Tianfu Cup that takes place in Chengdu.

Since that time, all these hacking competitions have served to be the best destinations for top Chinese hackers to showcase their team’s collective prowess.

The overview of the competition:

A few days back, the most recent competition, the Tianfu Cup, was organized in Chengdu. The best hackers got the chance to participate in this competition and show off their skills. Some crazy skills were showcased this time as well, that surprised multiple technical firms like Apple.

For instance, the competition, which was about hacking the latest iPhone 13 pro that runs the fully patched and latest iOS version 15.0.2, was hacked. And the shocking news is that they were able to hack the device twice.

So, the users must now use the Encrypted Dual Persona Mobile. These smartphones are comparatively safer to use as they are completely encrypted and highly secured.

According to the official website’s competition, the participating teams were needed to break the latest iPhone 13 Pro device for having control of the device while it ran on its latest security patches and releases.

And for hacking the iPhone 13 pro, 3-tier rewards were kept. For RCE (Remote Code Execution), the prize money was $120,000; for remote jailbreak, the prize money was $300,000; and for RCE plus, the prize reward was $120,000.

And at the Tianfu Cup 2021 event, Apple products were not the only primary target. Exploits were also launched by the security researchers against Microsoft Exchange, Google Chrome, and Windows 10, among others.

Both the teams won a huge cash prize. Indeed, iOS devices are highly secured, but encrypted Android phones are securer.

The two winning teams:

The CEO of the Kunlun Lab team, who was Qihoo 360’s former CTO hacked the iPhone 13 pro live on stage. The mobile Safari web browser’s remote code execution (RCE) exploit was put to use. And everything was done in flat 15 seconds.

There was the involvement of several months of preparation for getting up to such a point. However, the result was devastatingly fast. Although, the vulnerabilities’ details are yet to be disclosed.

Another shocking news is that the Kunlun Lab was not the only team to hack the highly secured iPhone 13 pro. Team Pangu did it as well, and they did it in 1 second. Team Pangu is known for its history of jailbreaking Apple devices. The team won the cash reward of $300,000 for jailbreaking the completely patched iPhone 13 pro remotely that runs iOS 15.

According to the reports, a remote code exploit was triggered by a single-click link because the Safari security mechanisms were bypassed by it.

All these hacking teams will provide the details to Apple so that they can release patches for fixing the vulnerabilities. People can expect iOS 15.1 or iOS 15.0 in the upcoming releases. And after seeing this, manufacturers are encrypting Android phones and utilizing the full potential of their system security.


It is a shocking fact that iPhone devices that claim their devices to be the most secured ones got hacked in almost no time. Apple team will take a look at all the vulnerabilities and will work on them to fix the loopholes. So, the fact is that no devices are entirely secure, whether it is iOS, Android, or Windows.

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