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Elegant model – Coal Black

$999.00 続きを読む

Hero Model – Pebble Grey

$999.00 カートに入れる

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The premier cyber-protected, blockchain-enabled smartphone with P2P resource sharing, built-in cold storage crypto wallet, and Distributed Ledger Consensus.

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SIRIN LABS’ default cryptocurrency for securely sending and receiving payments for services and products using the FINNEY™ fee-less transactions system.

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Open-source operating system supporting inherent blockchain applications such as a crypto wallet, secure exchange access, encrypted communications, and a P2P resource sharing ecosystem for payment and apps, supported by the SRN token.

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Extremely Secured

FINNEY™ has multilayers of cyber protection from the hardware and OS to the application layer. Acknowledging the dynamic nature of cyber threats, SIRIN LABS’ cyber security protection is developed on a behavioral-based and machine learning Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), for proactive cyber protection.

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DApps in the dCENTER

FINNEY™ offers a decentralized app store run by the community. Cost-bearing apps are based on a secure P2P resource-sharing system, which distributes fees between users and developers.

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