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Threat Actors: How to Save your Device from Dangerous Malwares

By Harsh Oct 22, 2021

Threat Actors: How to Save your Device from Dangerous Malwares

The threat actors have been playing a big role in transmitting malwares to the devices. The malicious tools aren’t actually the standard stealers that once executed, they steals credentials and crucial information. They also exfiltrates them quickly. In short, the malwares sit in victim’s system and transfer the information to the hackers in a fraction of time.

Today, several people who might have become a victim of such cyber frauds in their past are looking for the solutions to avoid malware attack in the future. Yes, it is true and there are many campaigns that are helping people making them safe from such intruders.

Amnesty International Real & Fake Site:

Recently, Cisco Talos discovered the threat actors building website that is identical look, design, layout & feel of Amnesty International site. A good website user can easily identify the different between original and forged site. In the real site, there is a menu with white background and transparent background in the fake site. And the threat actor is called as “AVPegasus”.

In the above campaign, the actor is trying to deceive the website users into installing the forged antivirus. However, there is no malicious or phishing activities reported and what was the actual intends to attract targets.

The Threat Actor

The threat actors play a significant role finding the target and then attack on it. They have run special type of attack called Sarwent-based attack. In January 2021, they covered several victim profiles. The Cisco Talos has found victims in many countries and the maximum victims were from USA, Germany, India, etc. However, Talos couldn’t identify the kind of lures that used in a previous campaign.

Talos thinks that the treat actor has used Sarwent malware that is older than the expected. Another possibility is a threat actor has the Serwant malware which was used by someone else previously. According to given data, the Talos remains still uncertain about the actual intentions of the threat actor. The malware has used to target journalists and government officials.

Who knows you might be the next? Worried about your personal data get stolen by someone and used them against you? Then your worrying is true and you should be.

Who Can Help?

We all need a protector who can fight against such threat actor and save your data due to malware attack. The protector is Sirin V3. It is a multi-layered cyber security suite to protect your data from cyber-attack in real-time. The secured encrypted mobile workspace totally based on Samsung S21 mobile with the security license for three layers.

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